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Gastronomy of Cabra


There are several factors that have influenced for centuries our kitchen and have led to the creation of a varied number of plates, all splendid for their nutritive quality and for their excellent flavour.

The long Moslem permanence in our ground. A big part of our nutritive customs have Moslem roots. This way it is the presence in our diet of the almond, the alfajor, the white garlic, the artichoke, the puff-pastry, the eggplant, the employment in salads of the orange, the seasoning with sesame and honey, the grits, the meatballs, the honey-coated fritters and especially crushed, indispensably in big quantity of plates as the 'gazpacho' or 'salmorejo' and in all the sauces of meat and fish.

The geographical environment with a saw that offers us a big quantity of plants with which to scent our plates.

A rural traditional economy of subsistence that leads to the family to making use to the maximum of the resources which he has: conserves of vegetables, sausages, salting of the pig, confectioner's.

A wide calendar of religious holidays that offer the occasion to celebrate them with some special plate as: pepitoria sauce, grits of the Saints, threads of San Blas,etc.

The course of the stations that it invites to use especially those products that the time offers us in his just moment of major quality and plenty.

An agriculture of irrigation, with the most beautiful gardens that provide fruits and high quality vegetables in all the epochs of the year.

The presence in our city of religious communities that contribute a refined confectioner's and of complex making: RR.MM. Agustinas convent with their exquisite bizcotelas.

Given the creativity of our kitchen is unlimited, we will highlight some recipes grouped into seven main sections: salads, vegetables, soups, fish, meats and sweets. They see, as far as possible, the traditional process of its preparation.